Cross-sector innovations – From the need of companies to enhance open innovation

In cooperation with the FIZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center the conference will discuss ways to competitive innovations in an ever complex market situation at the example of the health care industry. The conference will take place on Wednesday, 18 May 2011at the International Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Frankfurt am Main.

The prerequisites for innovation shall be discussed. “Shorter product cycles and high research and development costs make it difficult for companies to face these problems on their own” says Dr. Christian Garbe from FIZ.

Among the speakers are Dr. Christian Garbe (Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH), Prof. Rajesh K. Chandy (London Business School), Manuela Müller-Gerndt (IMT Germany Smarter Healthcare, IBM Deutschland GmbH), Dr. Antje Stobbe (DB Research, Deutsche Bank AG) and Prof. Dr. Daniela Steinberger and Dr. Michael Lindemann (bio.logis GmbH).

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Branchenübergreifende Innovation – Warum sich Unternehmen öffnen müssen

18 May 2011
Frankfurt am Main

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