Internationally renowned experts Elizabeth Corley, Malcom D. Knight, Claus Tofte Nielsen et al. meet in Frankfurt during the Euro Debt Market Conference

Elizabeth Corley, Malcolm D. Knight, Claus Tofte Nielsen, Jan Bettink, Dr. Carl Heinz Daube and other capital market actors will discuss existing challenges, give insights into new capital market trends and introduce prospective developments at the Euro Debt Market Conference on Thursday, 17 November 2011.

The increased level of volatility in the capital markets has invoked -in some cases substantial- challenges even to borrowing by sovereign states. The European sovereign debt crisis continues to hold the capital markets in a tight grip. Finding a solution to the debt problem has become a question of vital importance to the euro, global economic growth and the recovery of the European financial sector. Following the bank crisis, the sovereign debt crisis questions much that previously seemed to be set in stone: should banks still not be required to back debt securities of sovereign states with capital in the future? Can the budgetary powers of national parliaments be saved? Is it enough for fiscal policies to be closely interlinked, or will Eurobonds lead us out of the dilemma? What are the options for »debt relief«: inflation or haircut? Or does the »debt brake« endowed with constitutional status point the way forward.

The Euro Debt Conference 2011 will focus on these and other questions.

Current information about the conference can be found at and under the event announcement to the right.

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Euro Debt Market Conference 2011

17 November 2011
Congress Center Messe Frankfurt

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